Cement production is an energy-intensive industry, and the key energy-consuming points include various motor units and systems. WiserSense offers real-time monitoring solutions for high-energy-consuming motors, electrical panels, and kiln shells. Online condition monitoring provided by WiserSense improves environmental and occupational safety processes, reduces operational and maintenance costs, and establishes an end-to-end monitoring system by tracking process variables and machine health data on the WiserSense health platform.

In preventive maintenance activities, periodic visits and handheld devices are used to inspect assets and identify trends or changes in sensor data. However, many failures may not be predictable in advance due to long intervals between fault detection, difficulties in comparing data, and lack of experienced personnel. Online monitoring through WiserSense’s IoT systems becomes crucial for reducing costs, minimizing downtime, detecting problems early, avoiding catastrophic failures, extending equipment lifespan, improving operations, enhancing equipment protection, and ensuring personnel safety.

With cloud-based architecture, artificial intelligence, and a reliability-focused approach, WiserSense provides detailed diagnostic analysis and user-friendly interfaces at various management levels.

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