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Developed on the pillars of reliability, innovation, and user-centricity,
WiserSense empowers you to gain a competitive edge and establish a more sustainable production environment.



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Developed on the pillars of reliability, innovation, and user-centricity, WiserSense empowers you to gain a competitive edge and establish a more sustainable production environment.



Implementing Wisersense solutions for machine health monitoring in the cement industry improves efficiency and sustainability in production while also reducing unnecessary energy consumption.



In the mining industry, Wisersense offers advanced machine health monitoring solutions that not only enhance equipment performance and increase production efficiency but also promote safer management of operational processes.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

At Wisersense, we prioritize machine health in the oil and gas industry. Our continuous monitoring prevents faults proactively, enabling optimized maintenance and ensuring secure production. Advanced maintenance support exceeds expectations for sophisticated strategies.

Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

Wisersense provides cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for iron and steel production. Our proactive monitoring of critical machinery prevents unplanned downtime, boosts energy efficiency, and enables the implementation of sustainable maintenance strategies for businesses.



At Wisersense, we understand the crucial role of sustainable energy production in meeting the world's energy needs. Our remote monitoring and analytical capabilities help ensure the reliable and efficient operation of energy facilities. In addition, we provide valuable support to RCM-based maintenance strategies and help prevent unplanned production losses.



At the chemical industry, we are well aware of the expenses caused by unscheduled downtime. With Wisersense's innovative analytical solutions, companies can keep an eye on the condition of their machinery during complex processes, guaranteeing uninterrupted production and avoiding the hazards of unforeseen interruptions.

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Analyst Sensors

WiserSense Sensors are not ordinary data acquisition sensors; they are analytical sensors embedded in software. They collect and process data, giving priority to early taught failure parameters and initial performance

Intuitive Software

The WiserSense software platform enables you to monitor the health status of your machines based on data directly coming from the sensors. It also incorporates artificial intelligence features to process raw data, detect new fault anomalies, teach the sensors, and continuously provide feedback to the systems.

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