Quality and Safety targets of WiserSense; WiserSense is a successful and growing company that makes positive contributions to the environment and economy by producing safe and quality products in national and international standards based on safety, quality management and service understanding, improving the existing product safety and quality system by ensuring the continuity of reliability and development, ensuring that our employees work in safe conditions is to create jobs.

The basic principles of our Product Safety, Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental Policy are:

  • Maintaining the greatest degree of customer satisfaction across all processes and offering continual customer happiness,
  • Providing high-quality products and services with a low cost and high profit,
  • Improving quality by making each employee’s work more effective and efficient by supporting teamwork.
  • Being the competent firm in the sector,
  • Using the correct and proper ways to avoid potential hassles,
  • Improving process performance and employee motivation to the maximum level possible,
  • Creating the necessary infrastructure to establish Total Quality
  • Management Systems and enable continuous improvement,
  • Having fiduciary ties with internal and external connections,
  • Performing all provisions, necessities, and relevant Turkish laws of human and environmental security in all procedures that our firm follows.
  • Providing safe products by identifying possible dangers and risks in all processes of our production with Hazard and Risk Analysis and taking the necessary precautions against these hazards,
  • Providing training to our employees in every field where they can improve themselves, creating internal awareness on quality and environment and satisfying constant employee satisfaction

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