Compressors are widely used in industries. Many industrial facilities require compressed air for their process operations, and compressors with high motor power are utilized for generating compressed air.

The failure of compressors can result in significant downtime, extensive maintenance costs, unsafe working conditions, and loss of profitability.

Compressors are not energy-consuming monsters. With WiserSense solutions, you can eliminate sudden shutdowns and energy losses.

    According to the report by Global Efficiency Intelligence, referencing the International Energy Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy :

    • Global electricity consumption by motor systems accounts for a 47% share, ranking first.
    • Approximately 30% of global electricity is consumed by electric motor systems used in industries.
    • In the United States, pump systems consume approximately 40% of the total electricity consumption of industrial motor systems, while fan systems consume 20% and air compressor systems consume 22%.

    The 5 Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring
    for Compressors are

    Instant access to data for
    remote monitoring


    compressor efficiency

    Elimination of on-site
    machine health checks

    Cost savings

    Our Solutions
    for Compressor Health Monitoring


    OOne is used for tracking and detecting any defects that may cause vibration, such as shaft misalignment, imbalance, loose footing, bearing issues, etc.

    Shaft Misalignment and Orbit

    OGap is used to detect and monitor axial misalignment in the motor shaft or the shaft driven by the motor. Additionally, shaft orbit motion can be easily visualized graphically, especially in systems operating at low speeds.

    Comprehensive Operational
    Data of the Compressor

    OGate enables the collection of torque, current, energy consumption, and other information from the motor controller and transfers it to the cloud platform.

    Motor Speed

    ORev is used for instant detection of motor rotation speed, particularly in variable-speed motors.

    Acoustic Listening

    OSound is used for early-stage detection and monitoring of bearing failures and oil film issues.


    OThermal allows for monitoring the overall temperature of the motor.

    Oil/Bearing Temperature

    OTemp is used to monitor the temperature of rotor bearing or the oil in the bath.

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