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Asset and Maintenance

Reduced Energy

Machine Health

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Machines are vital components of businesses, playing a critical role in operational success, efficiency, quality, and safety. Healthy and efficient machine operations improve production flow, minimize errors, and enhance product quality. Continuous machine health monitoring offers proactive alerts, enabling preventive measures and planned maintenance activities. It detects performance deficiencies, excessive energy consumption, and inefficiencies, allowing for rapid intervention.

 Our software and hardware solutions provide real-time data visibility, analytics, and remote accessibility. Businesses can optimize processes, track energy consumption, and effectively manage resources. With our advanced technologies, certified team, and user-friendly interfaces, we ensure complete control and security in machine health monitoring.

Process Health

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Processes within a business impact factors such as operational efficiency, quality, safety, and sustainability. Process health is crucial in terms of the process’s ability to achieve desired goals, maintain efficiency levels, and sustain performance.

A healthy process encompasses continuous improvement, error-free operations, low error rates, and efficient resource utilization. Good process health helps a business achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive advantage.

* Monitor the health status of the machine.
* Diagnose failures and perform root cause analysis to prevent recurrence.
* Capture all data and conduct big data analysis

Asset and Maintenance

The absence or inadequate implementation of maintenance and asset management processes in a business can lead to various problems.

* Low efficiency and production interruptions
* High operational costs
* Reliability risks
* Decreased equipment lifespan
* Low customer satisfaction

The equipment used in facilities is costly and requires significant installation expenses. Therefore, leaving the equipment unattended is not an option.

WiserSense provides a health platform that supports your defined maintenance strategy. It enables the health outputs of your machines to be sent to your CMMS or ERP system, allowing for automatic work notifications.

By monitoring the data from third-party sensors in the field on the health platform, you can have an end-to-end sustainable data tracking system.

With the flexibility of the WiserSense health platform, it becomes effortless to monitor thousands of sensors in your field from a single screen.

Reduced Energy

Energy optimization refers to various measures taken to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of energy resources in industrial facilities. Through these measures, you can reduce energy consumption, enhance energy efficiency, and aim to reduce operating costs in your facilities.

Energy optimization is also significant for environmental sustainability. Reduced energy consumption contributes to a lower carbon footprint and minimized environmental impacts. Moreover, lower energy costs enhance your business competitiveness and assist in establishing a more sustainable business model.

Monitoring energy consumption alone is not sufficient. Energy optimization encompasses measures such as monitoring and analyzing energy consumption, optimizing production processes, and considering the use of automation and control systems to manage energy demand.
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By continuously monitoring the health of your machines, we alert you in a timely manner in case of any anomalies. This helps prevent your machines from consuming excessive energy due to health issues.
Furthermore, we enable you to meticulously track your energy consumption, allowing you to stay informed immediately about any instances of excessive energy usage in the field.

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