Keep Your Fans
in Prime Condition,
Monitor Their Health!

Fans play a crucial role in many industries and are an important part of production processes. For example, high-power ventilation fans in the steel industry, fans supplying clean air to underground mining galleries, or fans feeding clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry all have critical roles, albeit varying in size.
A malfunction in fans can directly impact human health, product quality, and can also expose businesses to regulatory penalties due to environmental regulations.
Continuous monitoring of fan health is of utmost importance due to their wide range of applications.
Monitor your fans without physical backup in real-time!
With WiserSense solutions, you can avoid sudden shutdowns and energy losses.

Here are 5 benefits
of real-time fan monitoring

Instant access to data for
remote monitoring

Preventive maintenance

Long-term fan efficiency

Elimination of periodic
machine health checks

Cost savings in maintenance
and energy expense

Our Solutions
for Fan Health Monitoring


OOne is used for tracking and detecting any defects that may cause vibration. It includes monitoring parameters such as misalignment, imbalance, looseness, bearing issues, etc.

Shaft Misalignment and Orbit

OGap is used to detect and monitor axial misalignment in the motor shaft or driven shaft. Additionally, in systems operating at low speeds, shaft orbit motion can be easily visualized graphically.

All Operational Information About the Fan

OGate enables the collection of torque, current, energy consumption, and other relevant information from the motor controller, as well as flow rate and temperature data specific to the fan, which can be transferred to a cloud platform.

Acoustic Listening

OSound is used for early-stage detection and monitoring of bearing failures and oil film issues.


OThermal allows for monitoring the overall temperature of the motor.

Oil/Bearing Temperature

OTemp is used to monitor the temperature of rotor bearing or the oil in the bath.

Motor Speed

ORev is used for instant detection of motor rotation speed, particularly in variable-speed motors.

By implementing these solutions, you can ensure the health and
optimal performance of your fans, minimize downtime, and optimize
maintenance and energy costs.

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