Is it possible to integrate our current software systems, such as CMMS or SCADA, with WiserSense's platform for data sharing and notification exchange?

Absolutely, integration with existing systems is a key strength of the WiserSense Monitoring platform. We’ve engineered a user-friendly interface that allows easy data and notification exchanges with external systems, eliminating the need for any additional coding. Our platform features a convenient drag-and-drop architecture where you simply designate the data sources and destinations. Moreover, for seamless two-way communication, we offer a robust REST API module. This ensures a straightforward and efficient connection between your systems and ours.

How can we determine the appropriate number of smart device and type to integrate into our machines? Are there any restrictions or requirements regarding the number of channels?

What sets WiserSense smart devices apart is their ability to function independently. You can commence monitoring your machinery with just a single smart device. Plus, there’s flexibility to expand your device network over time, by either increasing the quantity or diversifying the types, without any disruption to the existing setup. This gives you the freedom to adapt your monitoring system based on the evolving needs of your operations.

Is it possible to connect and monitor our pre-installed sensors, such as 4-20 mA vibration sensors or energy analyzers, via your platform?

Absolutely! The WiserSense monitoring platform is designed to be highly adaptable and can easily interface with any device you wish to connect. It’s capable of receiving data from a variety of widely-used protocols, including MQTT, Modbus, OPC-UA, and more. This ensures a comprehensive and cohesive monitoring solution, regardless of your existing sensor setup.

Will we require additional hardware, such as gateways, routers, etc., for your smart devices to establish a connection with our Wi-Fi network?

Not at all. Each of our smart devices comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, eliminating the need for any supplementary hardware. All you need to do is provide the Wi-Fi network name and password to the device, and you’re set. The device will then commence communication with the platform instantly and efficiently. This streamlined process ensures a quick setup and seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure.

Could you provide information on the types of sensors included in your smart devices?

Certainly! Our portfolio of smart devices includes a wide range of built-in sensors to cater to your specific monitoring needs. For instance, our OMax comes equipped with tri-axial vibration, ultrasound, magnetic field, and temperature sensors. The OOne model features tri-axial vibration, ultrasound, and temperature sensors. Meanwhile, our OGap device is fitted with temperature and proximity sensors. These devices represent turn-key solutions, offering a comprehensive range of sensors integrated within each unit to facilitate diverse and thorough monitoring.

Is it mandatory for us to purchase the smart devices? Additionally, are we obligated to use WiserSense's proprietary cloud for monitoring purposes?

We offer flexible arrangements to suit your specific needs. You can choose to either purchase our smart devices outright or avail of them through an annual service plan, where you’re billed per device. As for our software platforms, while we recommend using our cloud service with an annual subscription for optimal support, IT requirements, server maintenance, and updates, we also provide an option to install the platform on your own server if you prefer. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the option that aligns best with your operational model and resources.