Online monitoring of machine and equipment health is crucial in the chemical industry. The chemical industry relies heavily on complex machinery and equipment to carry out various processes, such as mixing, heating, and reacting substances. By implementing online monitoring systems, companies can continuously track the performance and condition of their machinery in real-time. This allows for early detection of potential issues, such as equipment failures, abnormal vibrations, or temperature variations, which could lead to production disruptions or safety hazards. Through online monitoring, companies can optimize maintenance schedules, minimize downtime, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of their equipment. Additionally, online monitoring provides valuable data insights that can be used for predictive maintenance, improving overall productivity, and maximizing the lifespan of machinery and equipment. With online monitoring, the chemical industry can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain high levels of safety and reliability in their manufacturing processes.

Our Solutions
Machine Health Monitoring


OOne is used for monitoring and detecting any faults that may cause vibration. It can detect issues such as shaft misalignment, imbalance, loose footings, bearing problems, and more.

Shaft Misalignment and Orbit

OGap is used for detecting and monitoring axial misalignment in motor shafts or driven shafts. It can also display the shaft orbit motion graphically, especially in low-speed rotating systems.

Operational Data of the Motor

OGate enables the collection and transfer of torque, current, energy consumption, and other information from the motor’s controller to the cloud platform.

Motor Rotation Speed

ORev is used for instant detection of motor rotation speed, particularly in variable-speed motors.

Acoustic Listening

OSound is used for the detection and monitoring of early-stage bearing faults and oil film issues.

Oil/Bearing Temperature

OTemp is used for monitoring the temperature of rotor bearing assemblies or the oil bath.


OThermal allows for monitoring the overall temperature of the motor.

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