Pumps are crucial components of production processes and play critical roles in various industries.

by implementing predictive maintenance, potential issues can be detected before they escalate into major problems. WiserSense smart sensors with data recording capabilities and online monitoring systems prevent major equipment failures, extend pump life, minimize pump station downtime, reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime, and achieve significant energy savings.

The most common pump problems, such as bearing issues, impeller imbalance, impeller jamming, impeller wear, loose shaft connections, cavitation, improper motor usage, inappropriate drive type usage, incorrect bearing lubrication type selection, loose base connections, etc., can be costly for companies.

With WiserSense smart sensors, each bearing’s vibration, acoustic, and temperature can be measured in real-time and all the necessary data can be accessed from a single platform that is accessible worldwide via laptops or mobile devices.

Parameters That Can Be Recorded in Pumps


(Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, Band Frequencies)



Operating Hours


Advantages of WiserSense Sensor
for Pump Monitoring

Wireless communication

Automatic notification when warning values exceed threshold limits

Suitable for use in hard-to-reach locations

24/7 online monitoring of equipment

Analysis options for detailed monitoring

Early warnings, reduced damage, cost savings, energy savings, and planned maintenance.

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