Innovative Collaboration in Maritime: The Success Story with Wisersense

 Wisersense, renowned for its software and hardware solutions developed to monitor and optimize the health of industrial machines, specializes in providing inter-sectoral solutions, serving various industries such as cement, oil and gas, mining, iron and steel, chemical, and renewable energy. However, Wisersense took its newest and most exciting step by entering the maritime sector.

The collaboration with Floki Marine marked Wisersense’s first step into the maritime sector. Floki Marine, a company specialized in ship maintenance and engineering, provides various services needed by ships. The solutions integrated with Wisersense’s sensor technology and software further enhanced Floki Marine’s services, facilitating a highly efficient transformation in the maritime sector.

This collaboration brought together Wisersense’s expertise in monitoring and optimizing the health of industrial machines with Floki Marine’s experience, resulting in innovative solutions that significantly reduced ship maintenance costs and downtime while enhancing operational efficiency. Most importantly, these solutions enabled the early detection of potential failures at sea, thereby reducing risks.

In conclusion, innovative solutions were developed that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in the sector. Wisersense aims to sustain this success in the future and expand into different sectors.

February 12, 2024

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  1. Tuncay ercan

    Can anybody give some more information about How you collect data you need

    • Deniz Yılmaz

      Mr. Ercan,
      We have multiple device models, each with variations in sensor types. However, overall, we collect data from vibration, acoustic emission, magnetic and temperature sensors within our devices. Then we analyze the data collected from these sensors both within the device itself and on our cloud platform to detect fault types.


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